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Heroes Walk Among Us

​Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 NASB This past month has been rough. We see a man use concert goers as target practice, another man uses bicyclist and pedestrians as speed bumps

STUPID: Loser lawmakers attempt loophole to enforce gun control

These people are unbelievable. The term “bipartisan” is stupid. There is no such thing as bipartisan. It’s just a group of the elite protected class who want to infringe on the rights of everyday Americans. Whatever letter they have in front of their name, they

YAY! More Jimmy Kimmel Nonsense

Yay! More Jimmy Kimmel. Ugh. Let’s address some of his BS. Rich elitists have a difficulty distinguishing the truth from their opinion. Fact: People use guns to rape, kidnap, murder, and rob people. Fact: People use guns to prevent rape, kidnapping, murder, and robbery Fact: People

SAD: Rep Richmond sells out his own people

So sad to see how these black minority leaders are supposed to protect black people yet they always find a way to sell them out. They say snitching is bad but sending your own people into a war-zone without the ability to defend yourself is

Urban Carry launches all new Revo modular holster setup

Urban Carry launches all new Revo modular holster setup

This is pretty cool holster technology by Urban Carry. The Revo system boasts multiple rigs that pair with gun shells to offer a modular holster system. (Photo: Jacki Billings) Urban Carry, best known for its deep concealment style holster, launched an all new modular holster

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