Her right to bear arms…

Hey guys, has your wife or girlfriend told you that they want a gun? What was your response? Was it, “You don’t need one since I have one and can protect you?” Or was it, “You’re crazy and if you get mad, I don’t want you to shoot me?” Or was it your attitude that women don’t need guns or shouldn’t be armed? Do you think that you can protect her therefore she doesn’t need to protect herself?

First of all, if you had any of those thoughts above, you are a jerk. Secondly, women who carry guns and shoot guns are sexy. Third, unless you signed up to be your lady’s personal body guard you cannot protect her.

As men, we should encourage the women in our lives to have their own guns, get training, learn to shoot and to be able to protect themselves. As our duty to protect the people that we love, that requires us to equip them with the tools they need to defend themselves.

As if we need a reminder, women are the primary target of criminals. Criminals and predators see them as weak and fragile. They are not unless we put them in a position to be. Keep in mind, women spend the most time with our children, running errands, at grocery stores, department stores, malls, and other social environments while we are either home or maybe at the range. They take a majority of the risks while we handcuff the tools they need to defend themselves. I know I certainly don’t want to go from Ross to Marshall’s, to Walmart, to every other store in the mall.

If you haven’t yet, speak to your wife or girlfriend about getting her concealed carry permit. Don’t look for guns that you think she would like. Take her to the range and gun shop to choose what she likes. Have her shoot different guns so she can make her choice. (Women really don’t like us making decisions for them!)

The worse feeling we can have is getting a call hearing something traumatic or tragic has happened to the people we love because we didn’t adequately prepare them for the fight. If we plan to fight like hell, we better prepare the people we love to fight like hell too.

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