BS ALERT: Murphy Gets ‘Three Pinocchios’ For Gun Control Claim

What we know is that states that have tougher gun laws, that keep criminals from getting guns, that keep those dangerous weapons like AR-15s out of the hands of civilians, have dramatically lower rates of gun violence.”

So much nonsense that is spewed by politicians about gun control. Who “needs” to have this or that type questions. Or the proverbial, “what use does a person have” for so and so. We can ask that about anything. However, the strategy of people in general is to take some obscure statistic and twist and mold it into the data that reflects their position. These things always focus on “reducing gun violence” but I equally care about reducing rape and sexual assault violence, home invasion violence, burglary violence, domestic violence, robbery violence, carjacking violence, and the list goes on and on. A lot of these crimes are committed without the use of a firearm but the results of them are just as deadly if not worse.

I’d like the politician who confiscated the firearm from the college student walking home late from class who is victim of a horrific rape or the single mother who is coming off her double shift to go make something to eat for her son or daughter who gets robbed at night point taking away her earnings for the week to tell them that, “at least we reduced gun violence.” Total nonsense.

The evidence to support Murphy’s claim is thin, at best. A 10-year ban on assault weapons such as AR-15s didn’t do much to reduce gun violence. Many of the studies that show gun control reduces gun deaths include suicides, which distorts the results. And single-state studies may show improvements in gun violence, but the results can’t be readily generalized to other states. (The Fact Checker once documented how proposed gun laws would not have prevented any mass shootings that took place between 2012 and 2015.)

Maybe guns don’t “prevent or reduce” crimes, but I’d prefer not have to find out without one.

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