#StayWoke: Gun control’s negative effects on marginalized groups

The Las Vegas shooting earlier this month was the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. As with every instance of gun violence, the debate over gun control has been brought to the forefront of the media as a result.

People do not consider the fact that implementing strict gun control laws will most likely have a negative effect on marginalized people.

If you feel that certain group of people in this country are marginalized and unfairly targeted whether due to race, gender, sexual preference, etc., then gun control would strengthen that affect.

Criminalization laws will always be unfairly detrimental to people of color. A perfect example of this is the war on drugs. Across racial lines, illegal drug use is generally the same, with only 1 or 2 percent differences between race.

At the same time, black people are imprisoned at six times the rate of white people for drug-related crimes. Many factors play into this, such as the sociopolitical isolation of people of color and sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine, two pharmacologically identical substances, of 18-to-1 – the former much more likely to be found in low-income areas.

In addition to what the article says, gun control is a double sided attack on minorities. First side is the targeting of innocent minorities by law enforcement and trumped up gun charges that usually result in some type of felony. The second side is innocent minorities who live in tough neighborhoods can’t protect themselves against criminals.

It’s not really gun control that politicians and elites are after, it’s population and people control. A) we keep the “sub-par” population in check, not by killing them ourselves anymore, but by letting their own community kill them. B) We keep the people fearful for their lives and hidden from society because they don’t want to go to jail for trying to defend themselves and they don’t want to go outside to potentially be a victim of a violent crime. If they try to deviate from prescribed behavior, we will put them in jail.

Gun control is the new eugenics.

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