The Ease Of Buying A Firearm Online – Part 1

So every time some mass shooting happens, we hear the same old talking points of how easy it is to obtain a gun. We hear about all these various loopholes that a person can do to obtain a gun without a background check. I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard that you can buy a gun at a gun show without having a background check. In another article, I read that you also don’t need a background check to purchase a firearm online. I also read that it is a quick process to buy a gun online.

I’ve never purchased a gun online but I am always browsing online for possible deals. Since we are lectured on the ease of buying guns online and how quickly we can have them, a quick Amazon search for Glock 19 did not return an actual Glock 19 with free two-day shipping. Major bummer.

I was planning to go to the gun show to buy a Glock 19 but after calculating the costs, it appeared it would be cheaper to buy online. Looking through website, a site that finds the lowest prices on firearms, ammo, accessories, etc., I found the Glock 19 Gen 5 for a pretty good deal from a seller.

Now, if the online purchase loophole is true, I should have my Glock in two days! It should pretty much work like the picture above. However, the seller had a bunch of “rules” in order to purchase online. They have the audacity to say they only ship to licensed FFL dealers and will not ship until they receive the proper documentation. After they receive the documentation, they ship within 5 – 10 days. Apparently, they do not know about the online purchase loophole.

So I had to search for a licensed FFL dealer to facilitate the transfer for me. However, those also come at a cost. Majority of FFL holders charge between 25 and 35 dollars to do the transfer.

I found a dealer who is capable to do the transfer. I went ahead and purchased the Glock 19 and contacted the FFL dealer requesting they send they license information to the seller in order for them to process the order.

Now I’m eagerly waiting to get the shipping confirmation email that can take 5-10 days to then wait for it to arrive at the FFL license holder to perform the background check to transfer the firearm to me.

If there is a loophole to buying online, it is the worse possible loophole that anyone can go through.

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