Can You Bring a Gun in an Uber?

I can’t help but laugh at these policies. Apparently Uber and Lyft don’t care about their drivers or passengers. Also, how are they going to enforce these stupid rules? Are they going to have their drivers pat down all of their passengers or scan them with a metal detector? Maybe they will strip search or even better, all passengers must undergo a cavity search.

Uber states clearly where it stands in their Firearm Prohibitions Policy: “Uber prohibits riders and drivers from carrying firearms of any kind in a vehicle while using our app.”

If Uber learns a driver or rider has broken this rule, they may revoke their access to the Uber app moving forward.

Lyft takes it a step further with their strict “No Weapons” policy. According to Lyft’s rules, any driver or passenger who possesses a weapon while using Lyft “regardless of whether possession is legal where they are” will be banned from using Lyft.

The vague term here is “weapon,” which can mean different things to different people and can arguably make Lyft’s policy a hard one to enforce and follow. Would a woman carrying pepper spray in her purse be breaking the rules? What about a contractor who keeps a multi-tool that includes a knife amongst his supplies?

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