New poll shows Las Vegas shooting doesn’t change opinions on guns

It really doesn’t matter how the nation feels about gun control and gun rights. The right to bear arms is embedded in our constitution. It protects all of the other rights that we have and it also protects us from the type of people who tyrannically attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens.

The nation is closely divided on whether restricting firearms would reduce such mass shootings or homicides, though a majority favors tighter laws as it has for several years, according to a new poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Other than what people “think” really doesn’t matter when it comes to the Constitution and our rights, it only takes ONE gun to commit a mass shooting. Buying a gun is probably the most difficult thing to do in this country. There are waiting periods on top of waiting periods. Gun shows are not a daily thing occurrence, purchasing online takes time, background checks a tedious, and getting a concealed carry permit takes months; not to mention purchasing firearms are expensive as well.

About half of Americans said they think making it more difficult to buy a gun would reduce the number of mass shootings in the country, and slightly under half said it would reduce the number of homicides.

Well, the third who trust Democrats and the 28% who trust Republicans to “handle gun control” must be very impressed with the job they have done on health care, the budget, the deficit, community policing, racial tensions, and the list goes on. At least it’s good to see that 31% haven’t completely lost their mind.

The poll also showed Americans divided over which party, if either, they trust to handle gun control. Close to a third give Democrats the edge while 28% prefer Republicans, and 31% say they don’t trust either party.

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