AWESOME: Chatt Hills PD hosts women’s self-defense class

I’m happy that this police department wants to go further than saying how much they care for women and how terrible it is when they are attacked. They are actually teaching women how to defend themselves and be aware of their surroundings.

Over 25 women recently attended a women’s self-defense class hosted the Chattahoochee Hills Police Department.

Chattahoochee Hills Police Chief Stoney Mathis led the class that featured a classroom presentation and a hands-on self-defense course.

Participants learned and practiced how to defend themselves using various techniques, but also were taught to pay attention to what’s going on around them.

Even better is they taught the firearm safety and training to give more women options on how to defend themselves and hopefully remove some of the stigma associated with firearms.

Along with the classroom and situational awareness class, a gun safety and training course was also taught at the range. Each participant was taught how to safely load their weapon and fire a 50-round practice course.

If more police departments and communities would strive for this type of training, hopefully, we could see a shift in the #MeToo hashtag to #NotMe.

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