USELESS: Chris Murphy Introduces Gun Control Bill He Predicts Will Fail

This guy is utterly useless. So much time spent on writing pointless bills that are admitted not to work, not to stop mass shootings, limit freedoms, put law-abiding citizens in danger. I don’t know much about this guy, but I’m curious to know if he has introduced any bills to expand educational opportunities for minorities, especially in the inner-city, providing apprenticeship programs to help people get jobs rather than commit crimes, and things of that nature. Nope, the solution is more useless background checks. Just a way of getting more money from the people and further disenfranchising minorities.

Politicians normally don’t predict a bill’s failure hours before a press conference to introduce it, but that’s precisely what Sen. Chris Murphy did Wednesday regarding legislation to expand background checks on gun sales.

“Every great winning cause is a losing cause first,” said Murphy, who is one of the Senate’s most vocal proponents of stronger gun control laws.

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