YAY! More Jimmy Kimmel Nonsense

Yay! More Jimmy Kimmel. Ugh. Let’s address some of his BS.

Rich elitists have a difficulty distinguishing the truth from their opinion.

  • Fact: People use guns to rape, kidnap, murder, and rob people.
  • Fact: People use guns to prevent rape, kidnapping, murder, and robbery
  • Fact: People use knives to rape, kidnap, murder, and rob  people
  • Opinion: Guns are bad.
  • Fact: The anti-gun lobby tells politicians what to do, whose lives matter and whose doesn’t and those politicians follow along

In Conversation: Jimmy Kimmel

Have you alienated everyone on the right who was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live!?
I think I’ve alienated more people than I’ve brought onboard. But what I thought was important was telling the truth. There are certain things I don’t understand, and the idea that Americans wouldn’t want to take care of each other when they’re sick is one of them. The idea that our politicians would let the gun lobby tell them what to do is another.

More people die from opioid overdose, drunk driving, and car accidents that from mass shootings or gun violence (suicide excluded), why isn’t Kimmel advocating for drug control and car control?

Can you ever win back any of those folks on the right that you’ve lost?
I doubt it. We’ve been divided into teams now as a country. It reminds me of sports in a lot of ways. It’s like in New York, you’re either a Mets fan or a Yankees fan. It’s so rare that an issue comes up that everyone can agree on. If we can’t get the majority of Americans to agree on some form of gun control after Sandy Hook, I don’t see us agreeing on anything.

And here comes the hypocrisy! No Jimmy, we don’t expect you to speak out on the mass rape of women. That’s no big deal. Taking away people’s rights, perfectly acceptable to speak on. The serial rape of women, we can’t expect the high and mighty Jimmy Kimmel to speak on that.

P.S. Making jokes about a serial rapist raping women isn’t cool. Just sayin’ bro!

What’d you think of the criticism you got on the right that you should’ve gone harder faster at Harvey Weinstein? There was this equivalency argument set up that since you’d been criticizing Republicans, you’d be a hypocrite if you were soft on a figure from the Hollywood left.
I guess now I’m supposed to comment on everything that happens? And by the way, it’s not just from the right. Now I see it from the left, “Aren’t you going to say anything about fill-in-the-blank?” That’s not what I do, and if I did, believe me, you’d get bored in a hurry. The Harvey Weinstein thing makes no sense: This perception that the right has spread around that I’ve not made any jokes about it is false.

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