SAD: Rep Richmond sells out his own people

So sad to see how these black minority leaders are supposed to protect black people yet they always find a way to sell them out. They say snitching is bad but sending your own people into a war-zone without the ability to defend yourself is heartbreaking. We shouldn’t be surprised though. When you get to Washington and have all that political money from lobbyist coming in, it makes it a lot easier to sell out your own people.

The Las Vegas mass shooting took a toll on many Americans. I send my condolences to all who were affected. However, I know that as a member of Congress with the power to make a difference, even my deepest thoughts and prayers are not enough. I know that to further prevent this tragedy from happening again, we must continue to fight for common sense gun regulations. To this end, I have supported bills that would ban assault weapons, high capacity magazines and bump stocks. I have also co-sponsored bills to close the “Charleston loophole” and establish a universal background check system for gun purchasers. Unfortunately, all of these bills failed to receive a vote under Republican congressional control.

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