NEVER: Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Orlando: When Is Gun Control Going To Take Hold?

FIRST, nothing more I like than being lectured from people from other countries about the shortcomings of our country.

SECOND: Mass killings are bad. Disarming people from a government where people believe is the next Hitler and that we live in such a police state that millionaires actually kneel for the national anthem is just as bad.

Now, All that writing to get to this point. The anti-gun lobby is more powerful than the NRA. However, Americans will not give up their rights. When someone says the second amendment is for hunting and “protecting your family,” they proved to be ignorant. At that point, laugh and walk away or try to have a conversation about freedom, history, and tyranny. The latter probably being better but a lot more frustrating.

I understand that the NRA has proven to be a powerful lobby against gun control measures, and that the inalienable right to bear arms that many Americans adhere to is something which many Americans are very passionate about. However, there is a huge difference between having a firearm in order to support your family, as is the case when someone is hunting animals for the sake of feeding said family, and feeling that it is your inalienable right to own a handgun or an assault rifle just because the Constitution says it is okay. Handguns and assault rifles are used for primarily one purpose: armament for either law enforcement or for those who are going to war and are therefore trained to use them for those purposes. Letting people go ahead and continue under these circumstances with no further gun control measures put forth by politicians is only opening the door for further tragedies such as Sandy Hook, Orlando, and Las Vegas to occur.

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