STUPID: Loser lawmakers attempt loophole to enforce gun control

These people are unbelievable. The term “bipartisan” is stupid. There is no such thing as bipartisan. It’s just a group of the elite protected class who want to infringe on the rights of everyday Americans. Whatever letter they have in front of their name, they still suck and should get the boot.

The new bill amends the National Firearms Act, which regulated fully automatic firearms and outlawed new ones made after the law’s implementation. “A reciprocating stock, or any other device which is designed to accelerate substantially the rate of fire of a semiautomatic weapon,” would be added to the books.

The bill, sponsored by Democratic Reps. Dan Kildee and Dina Titus as well as Republican Reps. Dave Trott and Brian Fitzpatrick, would require people who purchase or possess bump stocks to register with the ATF, submit to a background check and fingerprinting, and pay a $200 registration fee.

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