NRA: Focus on solutions, not anti-gun agenda

I joined the NRA in early October with a 5-year membership. I knew the blame for Vegas would come on gun owners and gun rights groups. NRA has done a decent job of fighting for those rights. Many people have their disagreements with them and say “they would never give the NRA” their money. Regardless how you feel about them, they are one of the groups who are in the fight for our rights.

I’ll also be joining some other groups soon because the more groups fight for our rights the better. We need powerful people fighting for solutions and not giving up our rights.

As America has come to expect, anti-gun politicians wasted no time in pushing their gun control agenda almost immediately after the Las Vegas shooting and before the facts were in.

Instead of thoughtfully considering solutions that might actually make a difference, they blamed the men and women of the National Rifle Association. Failed crime prevention policy? Ignore it and blame the NRA. A broken mental health system? Ignore it and blame the NRA. A violent Hollywood culture? Ignore it and blame the NRA. It’s preposterous.

The NRA spends millions teaching safe and responsible use of firearms. Yet the moment a criminal breaks the law, anti-gun activists blame law-abiding gun owners. That’s nonsense.

P.S. Knowing that joining the NRA would piss off Hillary Clinton was an added benefit.

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