Heroes Walk Among Us

​Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13 NASB


This past month has been rough. We see a man use concert goers as target practice, another man uses bicyclist and pedestrians as speed bumps and another man murder churchgoers. While politicians act like insincere, childish, idiots, we the people, see all that is happening and it breaks our hearts.

There is something that gets lost in all the carnage, lost, and suffering. We lose sight of the heroes who put their lives in danger to save the lives of others. It is the people who show so much love to lay their lives down for their friends, and in some of these cases, people who are total strangers to them.

In Vegas, people were pulling others to safety amid rapid gunfire from semi-automatic rifles. They were applying pressure on wounds, and any other life-preserving measure that was possible.

In New York, although not much detail had been released, a cop jumped into action to stop the threat of a terrorist who just mowed down 8 people and hurt many others. I’m confident that while that was being done, there were civilians who were attending to the injured.

In Texas, while under fire, husbands shielded their families, wives shielded their children, and other defenseless people doing what they could to preserve the lives of the people they loved. We can’t even imagine how many lives were spared by someone taking the shots that might have hit another individual.

In addition to that, the neighbor who heard and saw what was happening who put his own life at risk to engage with the murderer. He could have easily been fired upon, hit, and become another victim but he saw people in trouble and he took action. The other neighbor who pursued chase in order to stop this evil person also put his life at risk. Driving 95 mph in a high-speed chase is dangerous.

Also, there are the police officers and first responders who run into danger knowing they might not make it out alive in all of these situations. They go to stop the threat and save lives. Sadly, many times much damage has already been done. Nonetheless, they put their life on the line every single day.

These are the true HEROS! These people put their life at risk with the possibility of never seeing their families again, to fight evil and hate.

Thank God for sending people like this into the world and giving them strength, ability, faith, guidance, and protection to protect and serve when there is no one else around to do it. People ask where was God when these acts of evil happened? He was in the first responders, in the people pulling others to safety, losing their lives to save the lives of their family, in the people who risked their lives to stop evil. If you have never seen God, you will always ask where was God during acts of evil. If you have seen God and know Him, you will always see that He was fighting evil as the evil was being committed.

Thank you for our HEROES and to our HEROES!

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