#DoSomething List That Will Actually Work!

Be Honest

  • Many things are said that are just not true about gun laws and access to guns.
  • However, from either lack of knowledge or agenda, misinformation is passed out so instead of spending the time to find solutions, we spend time trying to correct the misinformation

Get Educated

  • Goes with the first one that many people don’t have knowledge about guns. They interchange assault rifle, automatic rifle, semi-automatic rifle, guns, etc
  • Even if you disagree with something, you should know about it before proposing solutions to fix a supposed problem.
  • Understand how background check system works.
  • Know that any and every new gun purchase goes through a federal background check in addition to the state measures.
  • Know how to recognize particular threats such as knowing how a rifle case would look so that an Uber driving dropping off a kid at a school with a rifle case can be able to identify that.
  • Know how guns work and the number of lives they save on a yearly basis


  • Willing to listen and talk to someone who disagrees with the point of view
  • Be open to all suggestions
  • Don’t blame all gun owners because one person committed a crime
  • Don’t blame organizations who are made of members

Have fruitful conversation

  • Allow having conversations instead of cutting off people you disagree with
  • Personally, I have asked people to come sit and talk with me to go over these issues but they reject it. If we can’t have a conversation, nothing will be done

Place blame in the right place

  • Blame the people who commit the crime. With 270-300 million guns in the US and the number of people, it’s not fair to blame all the owners because a few act badly.

Enforce existing gun laws

  • It is a federal crime to lie on a background check yet very few people are actually prosecuted for doing so.
  • If a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer doesn’t follow proper procedure (which rarely happens), they should lose their license and should be prosecuted
  • If someone is caught committing a crime with a gun, they should be prosecuted for that rather than pleading down the case

Report all incidents to NICS database

  • All background checks go through the NICS database which asks a series of information. However, if the different state, local, mental and federal agencies don’t submit information to the database, you can have as extensive background checks as you want, they will still pass.
  • If someone passes a background check which later shows they should have failed, authorities should actually investigate, remove the firearm from that particular person, and prosecute if something criminal was violated.

Provide active shooter survival training

  • Regardless of how many laws we pass, we can’t prevent all acts of evil. We can only hope to reduce it. With that being said, we should always be prepared for any situation we find ourselves. We should know how to barricade ourselves in, know where the nearest exits are, not go out the same way we came in if we are in a situation, etc. This can happen anywhere with any type of weapon.

Make schools (and a lot of other places) hard targets

  • When we advertise places as gun-free zones, we advocate that there is no resistance in those places. Even if we ban all “assault rifles,” people can take knives, handguns, etc to a school or any other gun free place putting lives of people in danger.
  • There are devices that are fairly cheap that can be used to secure a door from being opened.
  • Make sure all doors can be locked
  • Possibly trained armed security (we could probably get people to agree to pay a little more in taxes to protect children)
  • IF teachers want to be trained, that should be allowed to be explored
  • Point being, it is a huge deterrence knowing that there will be some kind of resistance any place a crime is attempted to be committed.

Provide emergency trauma medical training

  • In the rare event that something bad happens, we should know how to stop the bleed which includes how to pack a wound, apply a tourniquet, apply a chest seal. Those things save lives and are applicable to much more than just guns such as car accidents and accidental cuts with a knife.
  • Keep a supply of these medical tools on the premises and no reach that individuals shouldn’t have them on a regular basis as well.
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