How to win the gun debate?

Black Panthers Supporting Open Carry


When tragedy strikes, does it feel that we, legal gun owners, are always the whipping boy by the gun control fanatics? We are accused of caring more about our guns than we do about our own children! We are called evil, wicked murderers while they stay silent about the actual killer. Is there a way to combat that? I think there is!

The Problem

However, before we can win this battle, we have to know why we constantly lose this battle? Why is it that when tragedy happens, we are always playing defense. While we are still mourning, we have to fight off attacks and the blame game. We have to pull facts out while we weep for the lost. I hate to state the obvious but we lose this battle because as law-abiding citizens, we are honorable; maybe not as honorable as James Comey, but we are honorable nonetheless. We understand the meaning of mourning, showing sympathy, placing blame where blame is deserved, rationality, facts, and the actual purpose of the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, those people who want to confiscate our guns have no honor. Less than 12 hours after the Vegas Massacre, Hilary Clinton was talking about silencers and less than 24 hours after the Parkland shooting, the NRA and law-abiding citizens were being called child murderers. These people hate the Second Amendment, have no shame and no facts.

The Solution

So how do we stop losing this battle? We have to beat them at their own strategy. We have plenty of solutions that can and have saved millions of lives but by the time we are offering our solutions, we are on defense and the world is already against us. To combat this, we have to take the talking points of those against us, use them to our benefit, and put it out first. We have to blame them before they blame us. Yes, we like to wait for the facts, but apparently, facts do not matter to them.

The anti-gun side and those who affiliate with them love to play off of emotion, fear, and hatred and it is time we turn it against them. Whenever tragedy happens, we must be the first to cast blame. They are the ones who are against people having the right to protect themselves. They are the ones who don’t have meaningful solutions. They are the ones who only want the government to have guns but on every possible occasion, the government fails us.

Tactical Response

We have to hijack their causes to use against them:

  • Racism: gun rights & advocacy to the rights of black and minority people to defend themselves against the racists the anti-gunners claim to be out there
  • Sexual Assault: gun rights & advocacy to women’s rights. If women put carried guns, there would be no #MeToo movement. #NoRapeWhistles
  • Slavery & Discrimination: advocate gun rights so black people and minorities never have to live in fear of being enslaved once again
  • Inner-city: advocate gun rights so those living in the inner-city can protect themselves from gang members and drug dealers
  • Global turmoil: advocate gun rights for all citizens so we don’t end up living under a tyrannical government like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Syria and the list goes on and on.

Here are few methods we can use to start winning this battle. Emotions + Facts are the winning strategy. If someone calls you a child killer or a murderer or something, call them a racist and tell them it’s because they want black people to be the victims of racist white people. See how easy that is?

If you think of any other things, please share.

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