Does the #2A Really Matter?

The Fight

The same way that race baiters exist, anti-gun right baiters also exist. When people are passionate about a topic, it causes emotions to rise and people to defend their cause, sometimes with aggression and disdain for the opposite side. When that happens, they use that passion and emotional response against you to attack you. It is a common tactic by activists.

One of the common obstacles we try to maneuver around in the Second Amendment community is our fierce advocacy for our rights to bear arms. We are labeled as gun nuts and caring more about guns than the lives of children. We all know that this is total nonsense. The issue occurs in how we respond to it.

While we get so passionate, even to the point of anger and disgust, if we take a step back and ask ourselves, does this argument really matter? This is all part of their plan to make us look crazy so they can pass legislation to make us give up our human rights. If we take a step back and ask ourselves, does their argument or our argument really matter?  Does any passed legislation really matter?

Why the Second Amendment Doesn’t Matter

This might sound weird but think about it like this. If the government, local, state, or federal, was to pass some legislation saying that you have to “turn in” your means of protecting yourselves, are you going to? Are you going to put your family in a position to be defenseless against the kidnappers, home invaders, rapists, racists, and tyrants out there? It seems like the reason we have the Second Amendment is for this very reason. If the government attempts to take our human rights away from us, we have a means of defending ourselves. This is the main reason they aren’t brave enough to pass this type of legislation. They had the ability to do it under President Obama but they didn’t. In actuality, they fear the people which is exactly how it should be.

The reason we love the Second Amendment is that it is not a right given to us by the government but rather a right recognized by society. If the government makes it illegal for people to defend themselves, people will still choose jail over death. The Second Amendment existed before the United States and will exist after the United States. While we continue to try to explain with those who don’t understand it, we should not fall into the trap of the anti-gun activist. Whatever anyone decides to do, nothing really changes for us. We will always reserve the right to defend ourselves.


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