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Does the #2A Really Matter?

The Fight The same way that race baiters exist, anti-gun right baiters also exist. When people are passionate about a topic, it causes emotions to rise and people to defend their cause, sometimes with aggression and disdain for the opposite side. When that happens, they

Don’t Let Fear Suppress Your Rights

Last week at the super #woke Starbucks, two black men were arrested for trespassing after being asked to leave because they had not made a purchase and refused to leave the coffee establishment. That lead to an apology from Starbucks, an apology from the police, and

How to win the gun debate?

When tragedy strikes, does it feel that we, legal gun owners, are always the whipping boy by the gun control fanatics? We are accused of caring more about our guns than we do about our own children! We are called evil, wicked murderers while they

#DoSomething List That Will Actually Work!

Be Honest Many things are said that are just not true about gun laws and access to guns. However, from either lack of knowledge or agenda, misinformation is passed out so instead of spending the time to find solutions, we spend time trying to correct the

Heroes Walk Among Us

​Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 NASB This past month has been rough. We see a man use concert goers as target practice, another man uses bicyclist and pedestrians as speed bumps

SAD: Rep Richmond sells out his own people

So sad to see how these black minority leaders are supposed to protect black people yet they always find a way to sell them out. They say snitching is bad but sending your own people into a war-zone without the ability to defend yourself is

Here’s Why We Don’t Have Gun Control

Pretty good op-ed. The gun control advocates have no argument, only emotions. The gun rights side want to protect themselves from the gun control advocates, the government, and criminals. One side has an abiding interest in gun control. They believe that it would be good

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