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Can You Bring a Gun in an Uber?

Can You Bring a Gun in an Uber?

I can’t help but laugh at these policies. Apparently Uber and Lyft don’t care about their drivers or passengers. Also, how are they going to enforce these stupid rules? Are they going to have their drivers pat down all of their passengers or scan them

Time to ban lights!

Went to use the bathroom at 5:30 am this morning. After using the bathroom, I opened the door and the lights were still on shining into the bedroom. My wife screamed, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Shocked and appalled, I responded, “what happened?”

What If We Regulate Cars Like We Do Guns?

New Requirements for Driver’s License & Car Purchases: Background checks when applying for a driver’s license Background checks when purchasing a car Driver’s licenses are only valid in your home state Engine size limits Pay a tax stamp to have automatic transmission Gas tank capacity

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